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AirPop Facemask Review

After putting up with itchy, scratchy, cheap disposable masks for the better part of a year, I decided to go on the hunt to find something a little more comfortable and stylish – hence this AirPop Facemask Review!

At first, I just purchased a cloth ‘designer’ mask from the supermarket. To be honest, I was lured in by the fact that it featured one of my favourite characters from a certain popular sci-fi franchise. To my disappointment, the elastics on that mask broke within the first week that I owned it. I attempted to fix it myself but after the mask material itself began to come undone at the seams I decided it was probably best that I cut my losses and try something else.

About a month ago, a friend of mine introduced me to AirPop. At first glance, I didn’t see much that really set their masks apart from the rest, but after trying several pairs out for a few weeks I’ve got to give them credit where it’s due. These masks are incredible! Not only are they breathable and light, but my glasses aren’t constantly fogging up while I’m at work. I am employed in the hospitality industry so being able to actually see our guests is a tremendous plus.

AirPop’s masks are also quite affordable. You’re not going to have to break the bank in order to get safe and comfortable protection from pathogens. Really, peace of mind and security shouldn’t really be something that you have to take out a second mortgage just to afford. For those on any budget, these masks are an affordable option that gives you a lot of ‘bang for your buck’.

Another feature I noticed about these masks that really set them apart from the rest is their ergonomic design. They are uniquely shaped with a canopy-like structure that keeps the mask off your face. This might not seem like that big of a deal but once you’ve experienced the world of difference that it makes, you’ll never want to go back to your old face-smothering masks again.

These masks are super effective at filtering out particulates as well. That, in my opinion, is the main thing you should be concerned about when selecting a face mask for you and your family members. Who cares what a mask looks like if it isn’t effective at protecting you and the people around you from danger? According to the data posted on AirPop’s website, their masks filter out 99.3 % of particles and 99.9 % of bacteria – and even better, those numbers stay about the same even after several washings.

AirPop Facemask Review - Inner Mask View

Finally, I just want to give AirPop a little shout-out for coming up with their handy little pocket carrying cases to store your mask when you’re not using it. I bought one of these on a whim but I’m glad that I did. It comes in handy when I’m out and about running errands. And it sure is nice to have a mask on hand at all times tucked away in your purse or pants pocket so that you’re always prepared for when you need it. There is nothing worse than getting to the grocery store door only to realize that you left you’re mask in the vehicle.

So, all said and done, I really don’t have anything negative to say about these masks. Hope you enjoyed this AirPop Facemask Review! I will definitely be coming back for more eventually but for now, I’m pretty stocked up. If you’re tired of those flimsy, blue surgical masks and want to upgrade to something a bit more aesthetically appealing – not to mention effective – then look no further than AirPop. They’ve got you covered.

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