Why Investing in a PoE CCTV Kit is The Smart Choice for Your Home Security

Why Investing in a PoE CCTV Kit is The Smart Choice for Your Home Security

10 – 20 years ago the word CCTV used to be associated with expensive equipment, lots of wires, drilling and more often than not, poor picture quality and audio capabilities. However, in 2021, CCTV kits and video recording equipment is not only more affordable than it once used to be, but because of the advancements in technology over the years, the clearer picture quality has lead to many people investing in CCTV for their homes and even for their cars in order to deter would be thieves and to have concrete video and audio evidence in the event of anything happening. I look at why PoE CCTV Kit is the smart choice for your home.

What CCTV kit should you invest in and why?

Generally PoE systems which use Ethernet cabling to allow the transfer of both data and electric is the go-to product. Anything that uses cabling is much more secure when passing data than a wireless alternative. It’s also more stable, quicker and usually provides a clearer, higher resolution image. Add to that the fact that most homes are already connected so usually it’s a simple case of plug-and-play with wired connected systems.

Sure, wireless is a much more attractive option because you don’t need to battle with cables but it’s not hard to intercept a wireless signal through a signal jamming device that can be picked up for less than a meal for two! Whether it’s a phone jammer, GPS blocker or anything that can interfere with wireless communications. This then defeats the purpose of a CCTV system, and you could soon find that the product acts more of a helping hand than a deterrent.

The other advantage of PoE is that the CCTV system doesn’t need any power cables as the power is passed straight through the ethernet cable that is plugged into your router or extender.

What is in a CCTV Kit?

Generally everything you can expect to get up and running, and as the best kits use PoE there is no need to add any extra power supplies into the mix.

You ideally want to look for cameras that have Smart Infrared and low light technology which means that no matter whether its 9pm at night or 9am in the morning you will be able to see and record during all kinds of lighting conditions.

Motion detection is also another must have with any CCTV kit for the home. These smart features will detect certain kinds of movement whether someone has walked onto your drive, or a car has pulled up outside, whilst filtering out other movement such as trees or leaves falling.

These notifications can also be sent to your phone as a pop-up to alert you that something has been detected, to then allow you to review.

The Decision is Yours

Protecting your home and your loved ones is now more important than ever, and having in place a reliable and high quality CCTV system is paramount to that. One thing we do know is that PoE CCTV Kits offer more stability and higher-end security than wireless methods, so when it comes to the time where you need to invest in a new or your first CCTV kit, we would bear this in mind.


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