Must-have Office Equipment In 2021

To ensure great productivity, your business needs to have the right office equipment. We’ve broken down our essential picks below.


Nobody wants to arrive back at the office after a year of remote working to find the only office equipment available is a chewed-up pen and printer that makes reading documents tricky.

To ensure great workflow and productivity, your office needs to be decked out with state-of-the-art equipment. But what should be on your list when you’re out shopping for your office?

We’ve broken down our essential picks below.

Must-have Office Equipment In 2021


Although many businesses are going paperless to “go green”, a printer is still a must-have for any office. Whether it’s used for printing legal documents, marketing materials or out-of-order signs – printers are essential for any business. When looking into a new printer make sure that the printer is high-quality, easy to use and can manage a heavy workload.

You might also want to invest in a wireless printer, or one that also has a scanning function.

2.Security alarms and CCTV systems

Nowadays, data has overtaken oil in terms of the most valuable asset to businesses. Therefore, whether your business holds data, products or otherwise – you should be taking your security very seriously.

Luckily, staying secure is easier than you’d think. If you can, invest in CCTV systems, self-locking doors and even keycard access. If you work from home, think about investing in a video doorbell so you can see whose knocking at your door.

However, securing your workplace doesn’t come cheap. If you’re struggling to stump up the cash to pay for these improvements outright, utilising a secured business loan can help you get the best security possible for your business if you can afford to pay it back.

3.Computers and laptops

Nobody wants to be working on a slow laptop that frequently requires turning off and on again. Not only does this slash productivity, but it can also be a real grievance for employees.

To avoid potential headaches, make sure all computers and laptops have enough storage space, are regularly updated with the best software and that cameras work for those all-important zoom calls.

4.Must-have Comfortable office chairs

If your office chairs are lacking in support, consider investing in some new office chairs. With back problems being some of the most common injuries, it pays to take care of your employees with some comfortable, supportive chairs.

As well as this, it’s good practice to make sure that your staff are sitting correctly and taking regular breaks.

5.Coffee machines

As well as meaning your employees can enjoy freshly ground coffee, coffee machines can also be great for wowing clients.

Instead of offering ground coffee, offering a freshly brewed cup of coffee is bound to create a good impression for coffee-loving clients.

The bottom line is that with employees wanting more than ever out of the workplace, it’s important to make sure your office is up to scratch. From making sure your printer is fit-for-purpose, to investing in some supportive office chairs and a fancy coffee machine, you can keep your employees happy and productivity high.

Hope you found this list of must-have office equipment in 2021 useful.

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