Latest Car Technology for 2021

The Latest Car Safety Technology for 2021

When we think about cutting edge technology and cars, many people will imagine hover cars and all sorts of dramatic sci-fi inventions. While we’re not quite there yet, there have been a number of technological innovations that are boosting safety while driving. Below are some of the most useful features becoming readily available.

The Latest Car Safety Technology for 2021

Pedestrian detectors

Sometimes you might not realise a pedestrian is in the road – especially at night. However, pedestrian detectors come complete with night vision and will alert you to any potential danger. This system is usually activated when you’re travelling over 25mph and will display the positions of pedestrians somewhere on your dashboard.

Eliminating blind spots

Encountering a blind spot can be a dangerous moment while driving. Usually your mirrors won’t reach these areas, or there’ll be a car pillar obscuring the view. If another car emerges in your blind spot, you might not be aware of them, and an accident could occur. However, the latest technology eliminates these blind spots. A blind spot detection system uses sensors and cameras to alert you when a car has entered the blind spot – this will be passed on to you audibly or visually.

Parking sensors

Parking sensors and reversing cameras ensure that you can avoid unfortunate accidents while parking. The closer you get to an object with your car, the louder and more urgently your car will beep from the dashboard to let you know, and even show you on screen. It takes a little getting used to, but once you’re acclimatised to the alerts and checking the camera, it makes parking easier than ever before.


Automatic emergency braking system

The earlier you brake in an emergency, the better your chances are of avoiding a major injury. The latest cars are now being fitted with technology that automatically brakes in such emergencies. Using cameras and radars, vehicles now have the tools to try and automatically help you avoid – or at the very least minimise the danger – of collisions.

Tech measuring driver behaviour

One of the best ways to boost your safety of course, is to become a safer driver. And technology can help here too. By implementing the latest telematics system you can get feedback on your driving habits. This can include how often you wear your seatbelt, speeding and your distance from other cars. From there, you can get real time feedback on how to become a less dangerous driver.

The latest car safety technology for 2021 can seem incredibly attractive. By eliminating many of the risks associated with driving, manufacturers are making it a more relaxing experience. And you don’t have to buy a new vehicle to enjoy these benefits either. By leasing a new vehicle you can sample all these benefits yourself and sample a variety of motors.


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