Trainline, the leading independent rail and coach travel platform, becomes first rail booking platform to be integrated into Google Maps app (on Android) in the UK.

  • Google Maps users will now be presented with an option to tap through to buy train tickets for their journey, via the Trainline website or app
  • Trainline is the first rail booking platform to be integrated within Google Maps in the UK
  • Trainline enhances the user experience for Android users by introducing Google Pay to pay for and store tickets on their devices

Trainline has been integrated into Google Maps in the UK, providing Android users with the option to click through to Trainline’s website or app to buy tickets for their journey, as part of a more seamless user experience.

Trainline has also recently made Google Pay available to all customers and made it possible for those in the UK to save a ticket into Google Pay, providing more flexibility and choice for Android users.

Milena Nikolic, Trainline’s Chief Technology Officer, comments: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Google to make train travel even more accessible, seamless and intuitive for people searching how to get from A to B. Working together in this way means we can encourage more travellers to choose rail over other less sustainable forms of transport.”

Alan Stapelberg, Global Product Manager, Google Pay, comments:

Bringing together Google Maps, Google Pay and Trainline gives users a seamless way to search for, buy and save train tickets using their Android phone.

This new Google Maps update will save users time and effort, while allowing them to easily store a ticket on their phone. “Tap through” to buy train tickets should make comparing travel costs options inside Google Maps a lot easer, and if going via train is cheaper or more efficient, it is simple to action and buy the tickets.