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Why Is Gaming So Good?

If those who lived in the past could see the current state of gaming now, they would likely be shocked at its rate of growth. There is no doubting that the activity is one of the most popular on Earth, something that can be seen by the number of people that play around the world. It is hard to make sense of gaming’s meteoric rise, especially because video games were not well received when they were first released to the public. In fact, they were met with caution in the best of scenarios, and outright disapproval in the worst.

Just Why Is Gaming So Good

Attitudes today have fortunately simmered and gaming has proved to be a phenomenon. But just how has this happened? How has the medium of gaming managed to topple both music and movies combined, which are two established giants in the entertainment sector? The answer might be easy to uncover when one looks at what sets gaming apart from other media like TV and films. The reality is that video games can do everything that most forms of entertainment can do, but better. This is because video games are interactive by nature, meaning that players are propelled into the story and gameplay instead of just being a bystander, which is what happens with movies or TV.

An example can be seen when all the components of a film are looked at. A film typically has a long-running time, actors, a story and music. When these aspects are looked for in a game, the same can be seen, although the running time is significantly longer. This plays into another advantage that video games have – they are highly replayable. It is easier and more desirable to play a video game over and over, especially when it has multiple endings, compared to playing a film continually. This is because films are one-shot experiences whereas games are meant to be played for a long time.

There is no doubt that gaming soared in popularity even more over the pandemic and one only has to look to how video game consoles were virtually impossible to buy due to the rise in demand. This is because the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns proved to be difficult times for most people, who would have wanted a means of escape. For many, this would have been found by playing at casinos, find many more online, but many more would have utilised their console to get through this time. This is because playing video games is a thoroughly immersive experience, and many people use the medium as a form of escapism.

There are many more reasons why video games have become popular in recent years. Any form will see a rise in popularity when there is a series that resonates with audiences, and there have been many popular game series over the years that have been universally loved. The list is endless, but one thing is for certain; it is unlikely that video games will be going anywhere any time soon.


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