Heinz Maps Out Safe Snack Spots In Call of Duty Warzone Map

Heinz has teamed up with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific to identify safe snack spots in the new map Call of Duty Warzone Caldera.


The new Call of Duty Warzone Pacific’s new Caldera map was released in December 8th, 2021 as part of Season One of content for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Caldera is an island in the Pacific and is slightly smaller than the original and is set in 1944 so has far less tall buildings than the previous map Verdansk.

Prior to the release of Caldera, and following an update on November 3rd, 2021, players could see glimpses of the map while using the Red Doors in Verdansk ’84.

Activision has said the design is “based on two years of research and listening to the community”, and is made using the same tech and engine as Verdasnk – allowing players to bring over Warzone weapons and skins from previous years.

Snack Spots In Call of Duty Warzone

Many players are putting in long sessions to get to know the map and work out the best spots and strategies. Heinz, the World’s #1 Ketchup brand, teamed up with Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific to identify hidden spots in its latest map Caldera to safely enjoy a well-deserved break and eat a delicious burger with Heinz in real life during these marathon sessions where you don’t have time to stop playing!

Fans and gamers can tune into Twitch and YouTube this weekend (Friday 17th – Sunday 19th December) to watch top Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific streamers reveal Heinz Hidden Spots in-game and enjoy a burger break as they explore the new map.

80% of gamers eat and drink while playing, but it’s much harder to do this in multiplayer online games like Call of Duty

says Isabella Rizzo, VP of Marketing at Kraft Heinz.

Snack Spots In Call of Duty Warzone – UK Live Schedule

  • Friday 17th December, 8pm GMT: Vikkstar123 on YouTube
  • Friday 17th December, 8pm GMT: Zerkaa on Twitch
  • Sunday 19th December, 6pm GMT: EmZ on Twitch
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