Automotive industry: the most recent innovations in the vans’ sector

During the last two years, the pandemic has marked a significant downturn for the automotive market. The sales slump has been an inevitable consequence of the confinement, and in the long term many people’s habits have changed radically: nowadays, it’s a fact that a wide portion of the Western countries’ population got used to pull their cars out of the garage only if strictly necessary. This means that many drivers are way less inclined to purchase a new car or even permute their old ones. Only one automotive industry’s sector has recorded an exponential increase in terms of sales: the vans. And there are a few specific reasons that can easily explain the innovations in the vans sector.

Innovations in the Vans Sector

Briefly, while almost the whole humanity was confined into their houses in order to prevent themselves to be infected by the Covid-19, a small number of individuals were put at the forefront, tasked with continuously restocking stores and warehouses with basic necessities. They are the road haulers, the number of which has increased significantly in the last two years. And not by chance: during the pandemic, the online shopping – and the subsequent home shipping of what has been bought – has become the most common and exploited mean to supply our houses with anything we need, from groceries to a new furniture, from the electronic devices to the products of clothing. And the vans have become the most familiar type of vehicle roaming our cities’ streets, to the point that the request of new drivers keeps on increasing.

With more and more vans on the streets, it became necessary for the major producing companies to ensure a stricter degree of safety. So many of them exploited this two-year hiatus working on new engineering and technical solutions able to guarantee the maximum amount of security both for drivers and all the other vehicles that a van can find on the streets. Here’s below the most significant ones.

  1. Lane Assist. This device helps the vehicle to keep running into the same lane. Many companies – in particular Volkswagen – have worked hard in order to make it even more precise and neat.
  2. Front Assist. In parallel with the lane assist system, Volkswagen has entirely redesigned this device from its foundations. The system has been introduced into the car design more than a decade ago, in order to prevent rear-end collisions; now it interacts with a speed control and a series of manual devices, so that it can perform even better.
  3. Speed Limiter. This is a device that has become almost indispensable, especially for the most unruly drivers, who tend to ignore the rules of the road. It also works particularly well for the beginners, those who have to become familiar with the vehicle.
  4. Pre-Collision Assist. Developed in particular at Ford’s workshops, this device is typically a compendium of multiple functions, from a pedestrian detecting tool to an autonomous emergency braking system. Highly suited for those who have started to drive a van recently.
  5. Trailer Sway Control. This device can be an actual saviour for those drivers who are forced to travel on the road with a laden vehicle, whose weight could undermine its stability and an optimal grip to the ground.


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