Is the Oculus Quest the future of iGaming?

You will have been unable to escape the talk of all things metaverse and virtual reality (VR) of late. With Facebook rebranding as Meta, we have all started to look a little deeper into what the future of the metaverse holds and what that will mean for VR. Of course, Oculus didn’t start its life under the ownership of Meta. The likes of Zuckerberg spotted the potential and went out of their way to secure a deal that would set them up for their long-term plans. Back in 2014, they had already realised that the metaverse was a big deal and they saw Oculus, or at least the tech behind it, as playing a major role in its development.

The Oculus Rift was launched in 2016, but’s been the Oculus Quest 2 which has really started to propel VR into the mainstream. This was a huge deal for (then) Facebook and all concerned. The technology was ground-breaking and the VR experience was one that no one else was able to come close to matching. Let’s take a look at what Oculus has to offer and how “Oculus Quest the future of iGaming” might come about.

A brief history of Oculus

For those who know about VR, they will realise that Oculus didn’t start, nor has it ended, with the Rift. You need to look back to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign where Oculus was looking to raise money for the DK1 to see where it all started. The DK1 may not look much now, but at the time it was nothing short of amazing. So much so that it was this that triggered Facebook to move in and snap up the company. What the DK1 offered was a way of registering when your head rotated. Yep, that was pretty much it, but it was the concept that got people a little excited.

Following the DK1, Oculus hit a bit of a roll, over the next 5 years. This saw the release of the Rift, Go, Quest, Rift S, and Quest 2. Each release has seen technology being taken to a new level, but it is widely accepted that the Oculus Quest 2 has been the true catalyst for what has come since, and what is to come in the future.

Oculus Quest is the future of iGaming?

The thought of incorporating VR into online casinos has become a reality. Mobile sites at TopRatedCasinos have started to offer some VR capabilities, but the truth is that there is still some way to go before the full potential is realised. So, with the Quest 2 showing us what is possible in terms of VR, what are we likely to see from online casinos going forward? Let’s take a look:

A truly immersive experience

Online casinos have provided great levels of entertainment since their launch. Each year that comes sees new games being released and with each release, the quality gets better and better. Game developers are always working hard to provide great gameplay and an experience that is fully immersive. The use of VR will take this to another level.

By placing on a headset, players will be able to ‘walk’ into their favourite virtual casino. There will be 3D tables and games and experience that is on par with a land-based casino.

A chance to engage

For some people, casinos and gambling are all about the social element. To some extent, live online casinos have started to cater for this element of the playing experience. They have allowed players to post comments that allow them to interact with a croupier, but still, this isn’t quite the full experience.

The VR casino of the future will see players being able to fully interact. It won’t be a case of typing messages. It will be talking and interacting just as they are able to in the real world. This is what will make VR casinos a mind-blowing experience.

Game developers

Game developers never standstill. They are responsible for keeping online casinos in a state where they are thriving and constantly growing. With the opportunity to embrace new tech, you can be sure that these developers will step up to the mark and produce games that are in a class of their own.

The truth is that VR and VR games are still not at a stage of maturity. There is much to come and much to look forward to. It is fair to say that the Oculus Quest has driven a desire within the iGaming industry to push towards the VR experience.

The impact on other industries

It is not just iGaming that is set to benefit from what the Oculus Quest has to offer. VR will, no doubt, offer some great experiences in terms of online casinos, but there are other areas that are set to see changes too:

The world of business

If we have learnt one thing from Covid-19 then it that it is possible to work from home and not to attend an office. Workers adapted to use the likes of Zoom and Teams to interact with colleagues and to continue to work from any spare space that they had in their homes. VR is set to take the work from home experience to another level.

The Oculus Rift has already seen numerous successors and each time there are vast improvements. What VR will be able to offer workers is the ability to ‘enter’ a meeting room. They will be able to interact with colleagues as if they were face to face. This is a step further than seeing colleagues on a screen. This will allow employees to enter their workplace and see their colleagues all from home.


The Nintendo Wii showed us that people had a desire to find a fun way to exercise from home. There are plenty of people who have no desire to go out for a run or they lack the time to go to a gym. The Wii seemed groundbreaking at the time, but no one else seemed to capitalise on the idea. VR will see this change.

There will be the ability to enter a gym class from the comfort of your home. VR will see you interacting with others in the class as well as with the instructor. This will be all that the Wii Fit had to offer but on a new level.

I hope you enjoyed the overview on “Oculus Quest the future of iGaming”.


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