Three Ways Tech Is Helping Business Owners

It’s difficult to imagine a time when businesses didn’t rely heavily on digital infrastructure, digital devices, and digital software to run their businesses smoothly. In the modern era, we’re so enmeshed with technology that we barely notice how integral it has become for most businesses. And still, it’s developing, with a cutting edge that keeps moving forward as innovation takes place in the business sphere. Today, tech is helping business owners in ways that they might have found hard to imagine just five years ago. Here are three key ways tech is helping business owners with innovations making lives easier in 2022.

Managing Risks

Starting a business comes with risk. Plenty of them are unavoidable – they’re part and parcel of what it is to be a business owner. But risks can be managed, which means keeping abreast of the different risk profiles that your business is exposed to overtime. Understanding risks and how they might develop to jeopardise your business’ security is a huge part of running a business sustainably. And thankfully, tech is now stepping in to help.

Software offered by the likes of Sword GRC helps firms to manage their risks, noting potential areas of difficulty and upcoming challenges. The software is designed not only to register risks but to help firms plan responses to different categories of risk – from cyberattacks to health and safety issues. In doing so, this technology helps business owners feel secure and prepared for anything on the road ahead.


Meanwhile, there are dozens of different automation programs on the market to help businesses hire fewer employees. The concept behind these technologies is simple enough: make cheap tech that can do a better, more accurate, and speedier job of many tasks than a human clerk could. And there are plenty of areas in which automation is already rendering certain human roles redundant, including:

  • Customer services, with bots and automated voice messages taking over from human call centres
  • HR, with software that helps run your payroll and accept holiday days and sickness leave
  • Financial management, with apps that help small business owners manage their cashflow
  • Data entry, with smart machine learning algorithms that perform this laborious task for you

This means that business owners are now freed up to concentrate on building a skilled workforce that can deliver real value to their firms.

Reach and Visibility

As a business owner, you’ll always be looking to attract more people to your website or store, and to convert as many of them as possible into customers. That means finding ways to reach more people – usually through a combination of sales strategies and marketing plans. And tech is at hand to help here, too.

Not only will you be able to run marketing campaigns automatically, sending out adverts and emails to relevant consumers, but technology enables you to measure their success rate. That means you can tweak and optimise your approach, while always understanding the ROI that your efforts are delivering.

Technology is a business owners best friend. And in 2022, these three areas are helping businesses reduce their overheads, manage their risks, and drive sales and profits in the post-pandemic era.


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