Digital Transformation: Seven Trends To Keep An Eye On

Digital transformation is the art of fusing new technology into your operations. With the COVID-19 pandemic having hit the markets hard, it’s no wonder that plenty of businesses, schools, charities etc. chose to upgrade their tech levels in order to keep their operations running throughout the various lockdowns and restrictions that cropped up all over the world. Below you’ll find some digital transformation trends that have been ongoing in recent years, and a few tips on how you might get in on the action.

Digital Transformation Trends

Data Protection

When it comes to doing things online, cybersecurity is one of the most important pieces of your puzzle, since merely existing in an online space opens you up to potential cyberattacks. Ever since the pandemic began and remote working became the norm, organizations have looked to improve their security and protect their users data, both internally to keep a lid on potential leaks and corporate spying and externally to protect the data of anyone who uses their services.

We’ve all seen the Facebook breaches in 2018 and the fallout from them, and nobody wants to lose data or be seen as someone who can’t be trusted with it. With cyberattacks only going to rise in the future, it’s more important than ever to secure yourself.

Hybrid or Remote Working

Working from home is starting to become something that employees demand, since it’s far more convenient for them to simply walk to a home office or living room than to take a long commute to a shared office. It’s also a lot easier on many organizations’ wallets too, since renting office spaces, cleaning and heating them etc. isn’t cheap. With the recent lockdowns having shown that working from home is not only possible but easy, a lot of people are demanding that it stay.

Office blocks are a relic of the past, something that was created centuries ago when we didn’t have the advantages of modern technology, when we couldn’t send a message to the other side of the planet in milliseconds. It’s time to rethink them, and start operating remotely.


The latest generation in wireless internet access, 5G is faster and more efficient than ever reaching speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. Obviously a great tool for anyone who needs to access the internet on the go, 5G can be used to connect computers to the internet without the need for an existing wifi or ethernet connection in place which is ideal for rural areas or those who are in places where a physical internet cable isn’t possible.

There is a current downside of extreme battery drainage, but as phones improve and battery life increases we’re going to see 5G popping up more and more, perhaps even replacing the standard ISP cable internet providers thanks to its versatility.

Cloud Software

Having access to all your data on a hard drive is handy for the person using the device in question, but when you want to share that data with others things get a bit trickier. Rather than having your files stored on physical hard drives, there is the option of cloud-based databases to give access to everyone who needs it.

Of course this requires an internet connection, but in this day and age there are very few tech users who lack an internet connection for significant portions of their day. The internet has become a necessity in daily life, not an optional add-on that can benefit you.

Internet Of Things

The internet of things is any group of objects with sensors, software and the ability to communicate with other devices like it. In layperson’s terms, it’s ubiquitous with so-called “smart” technologies, those that provide functions that change over time with the users’ behavior. The internet of things is connected with the idea of a “smart home”, one that can be controlled and used remotely.

Smart homes are especially significant when it comes to people with disabilities, as the technology can mold itself within its capabilities to the users’ needs without having any adjustments or refits. A few good examples of these types of technology are wearable health monitors, voice or sensor controlled doors and thermostats that adjust to the inhabitants’ body temperature.

Semiconductor Explosion

After the boom in tech usage caused by the 2020 pandemic, 2021 became the year of computer chip shortages as manufacturers rushed to try and meet quotas that they never anticipated. Supply chain issues aside, the sale and use of semiconductor chips has only increased further into late 2021 and early 2022, with companies like Intel and NVIDIA announcing big steps to push the semiconductor technology forward.

Will the future see the same use? Well, with it looking only more likely as time goes on that the big increase in tech is here to stay, the number of computer chips being produced will keep on rising. It’s unclear whether there’ll be an excess at some point which will cause prices to crash, or if demand will keep up or even outstrip the ever-increasing supply, but you can be sure to see more computers being built in the next few years.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a tricky thing to describe, but at its core it’s a way of storing information that differs from your average database. Blockchain has been widely used in cryptocurrency mining, but is also starting to gain traction in other areas as people realize it’s uses and advantages.

Blockchain stores its data in blocks, like the name says, with a set capacity. When those blocks are filled a new block is added and linked to the previous, hence the chain portion of the name. Blockchains are decentralized, meaning no single individual has control over the data in it, making it ideal for cases where all users retaining control is crucial such as contract law or healthcare where multiple parties need equal access. Because of the shared ownership, blockchains are also safer from hacking than standard databases, as it takes much more effort to gain control of data from several individuals than from one.


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