Why Mobile Gamer Demographics Are Changing

As the power of mobile phones and gaming devices increase, we see that mobile gamer demographics are changing. I explore how in this article.

Great Video Games For Older People

Despite their still somewhat short lifespan, video games have typically been aimed at a very specific audience in the past with younger teen males being the primary audience – as new platforms have emerged and different genres have grown in popularity, particularly with genres aimed at a typically older audience with these options at the best casinos in particular. With this change in popular genres, however, there has been a large shift in the gaming demographic particularly on mobile – but what else could be leading this change?

Mobile Gamer Demographics Are Changing

Accessibility is certainly one key aspect leading the adjustment – with mobile devices becoming so prominent it has also meant the number of players that can access a wider gaming market has grown too, although this typically isn’t aimed at the larger AAA project releases from big studios and leans more towards the casual type of games instead – despite this profits are higher than ever with microtransactions becoming a core part of these gaming platforms, and the older audience that has emerged with a disposable income have become a major part of this change too.

Time to commit to these games is also something that has been changing too, with the primary audience for mobile gaming now suggested to be women over the age of 34, but also a growing audience in the over 60 market too, it could be something of a surprise to some that this audience are also spending the most amount of time playing, but with these games being of a more casual nature it means that more time can be spent playing without too large of a time investment that may be required in something more robust like a AAA RPG game for example.

Finally comes the shift for companies involved in the gaming space too, the growth of mobile over the past decade means that many more developers have moved to the mobile space, in turn leading to a larger number of games in this space being developed for the wider audience too – this has led to a changing demographic as further titles are being developed for this newer and growing audience. It has led to the development of the mobile esports scene for the younger audience that are focused on mobile platforms, and into the casual games like games of chance that have become popular for the older audience too.

Mobile gaming shows no signs of slowing down and this older demographic will continue to be the big target moving forward too, and will continue to be the reason why mobile gaming is the biggest gaming market in the world.

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