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Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

With the recent popularization of Esports, people have begun to stray away from the default controllers provided with their favourite consoles. When you’re playing for long periods of time (and especially in a competitive environment), you need a controller that can work for you. You just can’t afford to fight against your hardware. To solve this problem, customizable controllers and custom button mapping has emerged. Esports players are swapping out joysticks and getting controllers with a little more padding.

But what if you’re not a competitive gamer? Is there still value in such a controller? I’d argue, yes. Everyone could stand to have a little more customization in their lives.

And so, I introduce the Nacon Revolution X Pro.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review - Box Front

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review

Nacon Revolution X Pro Design

With its sleek edges and streamlined design, the Nacon Revolution X Pro looks great in your hands. I especially like the ability to change out the joysticks. You see this a lot with Esports controllers because it allows you to create the controller that works the best for you, instead of you having to adapt to the controller.

This controller also has programmable buttons and compartments in the handles to adjust the overall weight of the controller. If you prefer a little more heft while you’re gaming, you can give it just that!

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Main Box Contents

While this controller is designed for the Xbox, it also works great with Windows 10, too! I’ve been way more into PC gaming recently and this controller has been my go-to since I got it.

The sound is great, too! Using Dolby Atmos, you can plug your favourite headset in and enjoy crisp, clear audio.

Why is it better than a standard controller?

The standard controller is… well, standard. If there’s something you aren’t to fond of about it, there isn’t much you can do about it. With the Nacon Revolution X Pro, there are so many customization options! Not only are the buttons fully mappable with the Revolution X software, but there are even extra buttons and triggers on the back that can do whatever you need them to – and you can store up to four profiles created in the Revolution X app on PC for different games.

Also via the app, you can change the response curve of the analogue sticks, vibration intensity, and even the controller’s lighting effects. Talk about convenient!

Nacon Revolution X Pro Technical Specs

Designed for Xbox : Official ’Designed for Xbox’ wired controller for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Enter the arena : Play to your full potential with the professional ergonomics and patented sticks of the Revolution X, offering superior amplitude and precision.

Optimised comfort : Choose between concave or convex sticks and use the different bases provided to adjust sensitivity on the fly. For a tailored gaming experience, the handles include compartments for adjusting weight.

Revolution X app : Available from the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles and PC. Create and save up to 4 profiles on the controller to adapt your playstyle to any type of game.

Dolby Atmos® for Headphones : Unleash the power of Dolby Atmos® for your games with automatic access included. Connect your headset to the controller and enjoy the competitive advantage of precise audio.

Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review - Technical Specs

How much does it cost?

The Revolution X Pro costs €99 (Euros). While that may seem like a lot, it’s important to note that Microsoft’s customizable Xbox controller will run you about twice that and it comes pretty heavy out the box (and you can’t even change the weight). In this case, you have to ask yourself what your gaming experience is worth.

Yeah, this controller doesn’t come cheap, but I’ve been using it for a while and I can’t believe how much it’s improved my quality of life while gaming. This controller fits great in my hands, the button mapping and extra triggers lets me have a more streamlined experience while playing games, and it’s just overall a better experience.

The verdict?

The Nacon Revolution X Pro is a great controller if you’re looking for something that’ll make your life easier. I absolutely love the amount of customization I have and I hope you enjoyed my Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller Review. I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to go back to a standard Xbox controller again. The idea just isn’t all that appealing to me!

>> Official Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller product page.

>> Buy the Nacon Revolution X Pro on Amazon UK


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