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Top 5 Racing Games For Speed Lovers

The genre of racing is one of the most popular classes of games among users of mobile devices and for a strong reason. We could admit that the craving for speed is in the soul of almost every person. Why not implement it in a safe way for yourself and others, namely, by playing racing on your smartphone. Thanks to such games, you get a lot of pleasant emotions, but at the same time during digital races there is no risk compared to real life. Today we are going to share with you the 5 best mobile car racing games that can definitely give you an adrenaline rush.

Top 5 Racing Games For Speed Lovers

Real Racing 3

The key advantage of the game is the realistic graphic design, which was literally transferred from the real world to the digital one. Only real car models are included in the game. The tracks are also created following the example of real race tracks, but in a more colourful way. In addition to the usual races, there are a huge number of events, including various cups such as Formula 1. Thanks to a special camera that allows you to watch the race from any convenient angle in the game, you can enjoy the best views of the car racing.

Speaking about driving real sports cars in everyday life, it must be said that it is possible not only in the digital gaming world. Nowadays car rental services provide a large selection of cars for every taste and colour. For example, cars for rent in Dubai are very popular due to their low cost, high quality and convenience. Rental services provide a large selection of both economy and premium cars including the latest models of electric cars. By visiting hiring company site you could choose car models according to their type of brand and models: SUVs, VANs or even luxury and sport vehicles. We also should mention that the highways of Dubai are best suited for high-speed driving, especially at night, when the city sparkles with the lights of skyscrapers. After all, the experience of real high-speed driving can‘t be compared with any game.

Drag racing

This game captures its variety, the graphics are very impressive both its static details and animations. There are several options for the duration of races, short term and long ones, however, their peculiarity is that none of them is similar to the previous one, so you definitely won’t get tired of the same picture. The tracks are also different in terms of their characteristics. Here you can drive not only on race tracks, but also on rural and dangerous roads.

Traffic Rider

While in most racing games it is necessary to drive full-size cars on wide and long roads, in Traffic Rider users are offered racing motorcycles as the main mode of transport. A big plus of the game is a good responsive control, which allows you to conveniently control your motorcycle during races. You can also customize the control scheme specifically for yourself. Traffic Racer has both a single-player campaign and a free mode, which allows users to ride around a large city map.

Need For Speed

There is hardly a fan of the racing genre who wouldn’t have heard about Need for Speed. Racing in the game takes little time, each race lasts less than a minute, which makes the game ideal for people with a lack of free time. Nevertheless, the beauty of the tracks and cars, among which there could be found both modern and retro cars, makes the game worthy of your attention and download on your smartphone.

Dirt Trackin ‘2

This game is a continuation of a whole series of racing games. The free version of the game has access to 5 cool maps, career mode, unique graphics design and supports several control methods. Among other things, the app boasts a user-friendly interface, as well as a multi-user mode. Players also have the opportunity to set the skill levels of opponents, adjusting them to the desired complexity of the competition.

Now you for sure have something to choose from when you have a desire to participate in the speed racing or compete with your friends. Don’t waste your time, download my top racing games for speed lovers and dive into the world of fast paced driving, hit the road!


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