What are UI Designers, and how are they different from UX designers?

One of the most common misconceptions is that UI designers and UX designers are the same, and they are often used as a single term that seems to describe the same thing. However, it is necessary to note that UI and UX are different.

The major difference between them lies in the UI/UX designer goals. However, designs are crucial for businesses. According to HBR, the simple design can increase personalised enrolment by 15%. Employees should consider implementing the designs in organisations efficiently.

What are UI designers? What is the responsibility of a UI designer?

UI in UI design refers to the user interface, and the user interface refers to the graphical layout of a particular app. The UI design integrates the buttons to click on, images, sliders, text entry fields, and everything in an app that the user will interact with.

The user interface will involve transitions, micro-interaction, screen layout, and transitions. All sorts of visual elements and animation in an app refer to the user interface design. The UI designers are responsible for deciding what the app will look like and working on making the app more interactive with button shapes and colour schemes.

The UI designers will be the graphic designers. They maintain the aesthetics of the app to ensure it will be attractive. Furthermore, they also work towards determining the personality of the app. They combine the visual elements with functionality.

What is UX design? What is the responsibility of a UX designer?

UX design stands for user experience. It determines what the experience of the user will be while using the app. Interaction is one of the most important factors to consider while using the app. User experience determines how easy or challenging the user’s interaction will be with the app.

The UX designers focus on the application’s user interface to see how the customers would interact with it. The UX designers focus on the functionality and interface of the app, and they will know how the design interface of the app will work. The UX designers work on providing an excellent experience to the customers.

How are UX designers different from UI designers?

According to Forrester, investing $1 in the UX of the website or app can help to generate around $100 as the ROI. Furthermore, according to Statista, the number of web developers and digital interface designers will rise significantly in the coming decade.

The main difference between UI and UX designers lies in what they want to achieve. The UI designers are concerned mainly about the aesthetics of the app. However, the UX designers focus mostly on the app’s functionality, such as cybersecurity, ease of use, and more.

A UX designer focuses on understanding how to solve a problem if anything arises on the app. How should they provide a seamless experience to the customers and more? The UX designers solely focus on the type of problems they should be solving to deliver the best experience to the customers. The UX designers conduct proper research about the website or app and check what changes can be brought to improve the functionality.

The UX designer focuses on understanding the target audience and their product expectations. Using the information architecture, they will map the user’s entire journey in the app and check how extensive they are. Their research will help them decide how they should layout the app and what features they must include. The wireframes can therefore help in creating a blueprint of the product.

Once the website or app framework is ready, the UI designer steps in; the UI designer focuses on different aspects responsible for mapping the user’s journey. It will check the touchpoints, individual screens, and all the possible aspects the user will encounter. The UI designer will focus on page scrolling, buttons, and how the images are integrated.

The UX designer maps the journey of the user. On the other hand, the UI designer will focus on mapping the important details that will help the users browse through the website. UI designers will also have a huge role in determining whether the product will be inclusive.

Do UI and UX work together?

The work of UI and UX designers is incomplete without each other. It is a collaborative process, and both designers need to work closely with each other. It is for this reason that they both are often confused with being the same.

The UX team will focus on the app’s working, but the UI team will check how the buttons are functional. Both teams need to work hand in hand to cater to the user’s needs. The buttons in the design process will add extra buttons. While the UI teams determine how the buttons will look, the UX team will determine how the button needs to fit. The constant communication between UX and UI designers is exceptionally crucial. They will help build a final user interface to ensure the proper operation of the website or the app.


UI and UX designers have two different skill sets. However, both of them contribute to the success of each other. The right design can increase efficiency and ensure the website or the app is easy to navigate. The lack of design and experience can lead to unpleasant experiences with the app. User interface and user experience designers must work together to bring the best results.


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