Deboning technology helps to improve efficiency

In today’s scenario, customers are more concerned about what they eat. Thus, pushing the food industry to improve and adapt to more safe and careful practices to process meat. On the other side, it pushes the meat processing companies to invest more in labour while not being able to impose extra charges for it. To overcome this problem, many companies are switching to modern equipment instead of hard manual labour. 

The meat processing industry is also demanding constant change. One such sector or most time-consuming process in the meat industry that requires change is deboning of meat. The adoption of deboning technology is one of the many changes that will improve and influence the industry’s efficiency and economic profitability. Opting for renowned manufacturers like DGS provides you with the best deboning machines to ensure that your company stays at the forefront of the meat industry. This makes the process of skinning meat cost-effective with minimal waste. Similarly, many other companies provide similar advanced products that scale the deboning process with more precision and accuracy. They are cost-effective and also hygienic. 

How deboning technology is useful

High butcher yield

As plant-bast meat is in high demand, the meat one gets must not be wasted. Adopting the deboning technology lets you recover most meat with very little waste. This includes greater slaughter efficiency, which results in a higher yield—decreasing the time and money you used for productive output.

Salutiferous Process

When using deboning technology, one must also ensure that the meat production process meets the local rules and regulations. Hence, the deboning machines used in industries ensure that the meat is edible and hygienic, keeping the deboning industry standards intact. Also, it makes your meat products more trustworthy for your customers. Hence, also providing a competitive edge in the market.

Reduced Labour Costs

Labour costs can be reduced drastically by utilizing deboning technology. The machines can perform complex operations such as plucking and penetrating, which are very time-demanding when performed by hand. This technology saves you money by reducing the number of employees you need. 

Increased safety

Technology applied for deboning meat also brings in safety. The machines with cutting-edge sensors keep an eye on the progress of the meat. It prevents the meat from coming in contact with the pathogenic agents(i.e. viruses and bacteria) that can cause illness when handled by humans. It also prevents the meat from getting contaminated by the hands of the employees, reducing the risk of food-borne illnesses. 

Use of robotic technology

The use of robots in place of human labour can result in life-saving activities. While deboning involves a lot of risks when it comes to manual labour, automation has the potential to improve efficiency and ensure safety measures in meat cutting. Hence robotic depalletizers are being used in place of human beings only to increase productivity and for the well-being of labour. Also, these robot depalletizers can easily adjust and adapt themselves to any patterns or products.


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