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The Rise of Mobile Gaming [2022]

The technological revolution has had a huge impact on everything we do, from banking and grocery shopping to entertainment and communicating with friends and family. The world of work has changed immeasurably over recent decades, with most people now using computers regularly as part of their jobs, and almost everyone owning a mobile phone on which they can be reached anywhere and at any time.

The popularity of smartphones has also been a game-changer when it comes to the way we interact with the world. Now almost anyone can access real-time train departure and arrivals boards, order grocery shopping while on the school run, and choose from an array of entertainment options to keep them occupied wherever they are.

Alongside this rise in the availability of technology has come increased internet connectivity that allows people to engage in online gaming without their connections dropping out. This means there’s less chance of losing progress or missing out on a win due to a lack of internet.

All these advancements have combined to create the perfect environment for mobile gaming to thrive, particularly given the surge in popularity of online gaming over recent decades. Video gaming was once a niche activity, popular with those on the fringes of society, but as the quality and variety of games have improved, so has their appeal.

The Rise of Mobile gaming

Because mobile gaming has developed into such a huge and vibrant market, developers are now capitalising on the potential for profit by designing games specifically to be played on mobile devices. Some of these are simply mobile versions of the most popular PC games, whereas others have been created for the mobile market.

When a game is designed with mobile players in mind, there are some features that are specifically incorporated in order to make the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. Developers will use some or all of these techniques to help mobile gamers get the most satisfying experience as they indulge in their passion for gaming on the go.

Simplified controls – mobile gamers are using smaller screens so needing a keyboard or anything other than the simplest controls takes up valuable gaming space. Allowing players to tap on the screen maximises the available space and negates the need for anything other than the most basic control functions to take up screen room.

Simplified graphics – gamers have come to expect a lot from the graphics of their favourite games, but a smaller screen means that too much visual information can look cluttered and confusing. By keeping the graphics sleek but simple, games designers can give players the best of both worlds.

Shorter gameplay – mobile gamers are often squeezing in a game while travelling, in waiting rooms, or on their breaks from work or other responsibilities. Some types of games, such as casino slots and other relatively short games, lend themselves better to this kind of gaming.

More save points – while most PC gamers will be playing from home or other dedicated spaces where they will have uninterrupted access to wifi, mobile gamers might be connecting to public wifi so it’s important to ensure that progress isn’t lost if their connection goes down. Games designers can build ‘save points’ into their games to ensure that playing while out and about is as satisfying as gaming at home.

Most popular mobile games

Although some of the most popular games have been developed in mobile form, there are some types of game that are particularly popular among mobile players. Some use the fact that users will be out and about as a feature, such as Pokemon Go which uses augmented reality technology to allow players to ‘spot’ Pokémon in the wild and this has contributed greatly to the rise of mobile gaming.

Pokemon Go - Bike Shed 3

Others make the most of their enduring popularity, such as casino games that have gained millions of fans all over the world with a combination of simplicity and skill. Casino games are particularly well-suited to mobile gaming as the real skill in playing them lies in understanding the odds, so players that enjoy real-life casino games can have an authentic casino experience on their mobile device.

Developers are constantly finding ways to make their games appeal to a wider audience, and with mobile gaming becoming more popular, hardware designers are also getting in on the action. Hardcore mobile gamers are choosing phones that can support their favourite games and do justice to the calibre of the games that are available.

For mobile gamers, the future looks promising – the industry has grown significantly to the extent that more and more companies are investing in games that incorporate the very latest technological innovations. There are already thousands of games to choose from, and this trend is set to continue as more and more players discover the joy of gaming and more and more developers use their skills to create engaging and entertaining games ensuring that the rise of mobile gaming will continue through this year and into the next.


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