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Tips To Remove Safari Virus From A Mac

Safari viruses are becoming increasingly common among the Mac community. One second you’re having the computing experience of your life, and then suddenly you are in pop-up hell. Or your homepage changes and new toolbars just rudely install themselves. When you look at your extensions you feel like you’re looking at someone else’s device as they’re so many extensions you don’t remember installing.

Ok, we’ve all had that night where the booze has flowed that little too easily and yes you did add an entirely useless extension, but nothing that was going to turn your elegant Mac into a brick.

So with this in mind, how do you remove Safari virus should you be unlucky enough to have one?

Tips To Remove Safari Virus From A Mac

There are several methods to get rid of a Safari virus, but first, let’s determine if you have one.

Do I Have a Safari Virus?

If you’re seeing any of the following you may have to start reclaiming your browser.

  • Pop-up ads and banners are everywhere.
  • You see ads all the time and in places where it should be ad free.
  • Your homepage is not the one you chose.
  • Links redirect to malicious and or unexpected websites.
  • Extensions appear that you never installed. Save for that one where you were drunk.
  • You’re noticing Mac performance loss.

If you see any of this you could well have a Safari virus. Without further ado, here are tips to purge your browser.

Purge Malicious Apps from Your Mac

The first step in reclaiming your device is to check to see if it has put apps on your system. So:

Go to Applications folder and scan for apps you don’t recognise.

Drag them to Trash and empty Trash.

Go Finder, Go to Folder.

Scan any of the following folders for the remains of the apps you just dragged to Trash.

  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/Application Support
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons
  • /Users/Shared/

Delete Extensions That Have Just Turned Up!

If you have a load of extensions in Safari that you didn’t install it is time to send these to hell. So:

Safari, Preferences.

  • Check your Extensions tab and be ruthless and remove any that you didn’t put on your system.

While you’re here, do this:

  • In Safari open the General tab and check that the homepage is the right one.
  • Make sure you’re using your search engine of choice in the Search tab.

Consider a Non-privileged User Account

This tip on how to remove safari virus from a Mac is a great one but not necessarily that practical. By using a non-administrative account, most viruses get stopped dead in their tracks. This is down to viruses relying on the fact that they can hijack admin privileges to do whatever they want. Non-privileged accounts, however, the virus can’t do that as they do not have admin privileges.


  • System Preferences, Users & Groups.
  • Create a Standard user account.

If viruses are left unchecked the two big risks are web tracking and data leaks. Both can lead to serious financial and reputation loss and if you use your device for work, loss of your business. So make sure you do everything you can to keep your device virus free.

For more information visit Apple Support.


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