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Which Are the Most Difficult Digital Niches in UK?

Digital marketing is on a growth spurt, especially since the pandemic took hold of the world. There are many new technology offering a variety of growth opportunities using mobile apps, social media, email advertising and developing website businesses. This is where today’s savvy consumers go to make informed buying choices.

If you’re looking for a niche you’ll want to find one that pays off well. There is a lot of earning potential to be had on the Internet but you must choose your niche wisely before getting started. Many niches will require high marketing budgets and come with high maintenance clients that you’ll want to avoid. Here are some of the most difficult digital niches in the UK to get into:

Most Difficult Digital Niches in UK

1. Casinos and Gambling

These are highly competitive fields to get into and this is partly due to the Covid-19 outbreak. These sites are trending in the digital arena and there are many gambling platforms available for people that are stuck at home and looking for recreation. There are many webmasters with seemingly unlimited budgets that have the funds to purchase many gambling backlinks to strengthen their websites. Individuals now are specifically looking for casino without verification in UK listings in order to avoid a lengthy verification process.

2. Real Estate

The market for real estate is growing with house prices continually rising. Many people make money by generating leads and then selling them to real estate professionals. Marketing is mainly done on social media and online marketplaces. As the real estate world becomes more digitalized, real estate agents are always looking for good leads. This is why there is fierce competition in this niche and is one you will want to avoid if you’re first starting out.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a major buzzword right now and people are taking advantage of the situation by creating websites that use affiliate marketing for monetization purposes. It’s a fast growing niche that is challenging to get into and to earn money from. People are looking for well-established professionals that have made it with cryptocurrency and are offering valuable advice. If you don’t have a lot of experience with this currency, your odds of making it in this niche are extremely low.

4. Health and Fitness

Ever since the Internet began people have been looking for ways to increase their fitness and health and to lose weight. When you look through the Google search function you’ll see just how many websites are dedicated towards this goal. If you try to break into this one you’ll be competing with sites that have been set up for many years and have distinguished themselves to be authority sites in the field.

This is an extremely lucrative niche but it’s really not worth your effort to try to make it your business. The only way you could really succeed is to find something that you feel will be trending in the foreseeable future and set up a website based on your prediction. You’ll beat the competition in terms of timing and will give yourself a slight edge over them this way. You’ll be taking a risk, however, so it may be better to set up a site in a different industry with less competition.

5. Payday Loans

People are feeling the pinch now due to the pandemic and are searching for payday loans online. It’s a profitable niche but very competitive. Amateur marketers would be best to look for other niches instead because it’s very difficult to rank highly for these loans.

Payday loans give a person the opportunity to take out a short-term loan when they need it the most – especially if they are dealing with a crisis situation. They have to pay the money back when they received their next paycheck and will have to pay a high interest rate. A lot of people are turning to payday loans if they don’t qualify for a regular loan due to a black mark on their credit histories.

These are the most difficult digital niches in the UK right now and there are many others. If you are just starting out, look for other niches that offer less competition but still provide the opportunity to make a lucrative income.


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