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Top 5 Apps For Brain Health [2022]

There are many reasons why people wish to improve their brainpower, whether it’s to focus better at work, do better academically, or simply keep sharp. However, sustaining psychological well-being is just as crucial. Stress and anxiety are two of the most important and widespread public health issues we confront. Overall health, sense of well-being, job, educational efficiency, and community participation are all affected by mental changes. Brain health apps improve engagement in activities meant to relieve symptoms and enhance cognitive health. Here are 5 apps for brain health that can help you improve your memory and brain functions.

Top 5 Apps For Brain Health

1.  Lumosity

This popular program is divided into sessions of three games according to your objectives: memory, attentiveness, conflict resolution, information processing, or thinking flexibility. The matches were played against the clock and are different each time. According to the developers, just one session each day may enhance mental skills, and participants can track their development and compare their performance to others.

>> Lumosity in the App Store

2.  CogniFit Brain Fitness

Improve cognitive qualities such as memory and focus with games built by neuroscientists that are elegant, engaging, and addicting. Users may track their progress and gain insights into their general brain health. Competitive gamers might also challenge their buddies.

Following an introductory survey, the app adjusts the complexity of each game to your profile and provides suggestions based on your findings. Users improved by spending at least 20 minutes playing the games 2 or 3 times each week, according to the developers.

CogniFit App For Brain Health

>> CogniFit in the App Store

3.  Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate, like Lumosity, is a brain training app that features games that require you to memorize letter sequences, phone numbers, and various arithmetic problems to keep your mind in tip-top form. Challenge levels range from easy to mind-bending difficult.

>> Elevate Brain Training in the App Store

4.  Personal Zen

As they dig through a field of rippling grass, players consider two animated figures, one of whom appears calm and pleasant and the other hostile. Dennis and experts from Hunter College and the City University of New York created this game to reduce anxiety by teaching your brain to focus more on the good and less on the bad.

Even a single session of play can help increase resilience over time. She recommends using the app shortly before a stressful occasion, but even 10 minutes a day will help generate more long-lasting good benefits. One of the most important ways we may encourage our own resilience in the face of adversity is to develop the habit of viewing the world from a more optimistic perspective, such as seeking a silver lining in a negative circumstance.

personal zen brain app

>> Personal Zen in the App Store

5.  Happify

How can you train your brain to be happier? Yes, studies demonstrate that some activities improve your capacity to overcome negative thoughts, express appreciation, manage stress, and empathize – all of which are necessary elements for a richer, happier existence.  The app’s quizzes, polls, and gratitude diary, in conjunction with a positive community, progressively educate life-changing habits by concentrating on the talents and virtues that empower individuals to lead satisfying lives. The objective is to improve these talents and keep people happy all day.

>> Happify in the App Store


While brain-training applications will never totally replace face-to-face intervention and preventive methods, we can view them as a very important supplement to other stress-reduction activities, such as exercise, yoga, or seeing a psychologist.


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