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How to know if a site is Secure

Online casinos have transformed the concept of playing to earn. From the comfort of your home, you can join millions of casino players worldwide on an online adventure that translates to real cash winnings.

But before your excitement takes over, are you sure that the site you’re about to play on is secure? While it’s great that you can play online with ease, there are lots of fake casino websites out there. These fake gaming websites often appear real, but their aim is to strip you of private data and hack into your finances.

So, before you jump on a casino website in excitement, you need to check if the site is secure. Read on to understand the signs of a secure site.

How to Know if a Site Is Secure

There are certain unique features that will tell you if a casino site is secure or not. Casino Bee ranks different sites based on these features. If you don’t see any of these features on a casino site, then you should know that you’re on an unsecured site. Here are five ways to know if a site is secure or not.

Check for Regulatory License

When browsing online, you’ll notice that some websites proudly showcase their licenses and regulatory recommendations at the bottom of the landing page – sometimes their licenses are shown in the “about us” page. This is what you should look out for on a casino website.

Genuine casino websites are licensed by reputable regulators in the gambling and online gaming industry. Major gambling regulators such as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, UK, and the BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch, Canada, provide regulatory licenses for casino websites.

Once you log on to a casino website and you can’t find any licensing information, especially the license number or regulatory body, then the website is most likely fake.

Find Reviews on the Casino

One thing you should always keep in mind is that reviews don’t lie. While it’s normal for one or two in ten people to have a bad experience, it’s a bad sign if nearly all ten people had bad experiences with the casino site. If the reviews are all bitter, then the website isn’t safe, and if the reviews are “too good to be true”, you should tread carefully. A balance of more favourable reviews and slightly bad reviews is what tells you if a site is safe or not.

Most websites like promoting themselves via amazing reviews and “bot testimonials”. Therefore, it’s not advisable to depend on the reviews you see on the website. Instead, do a quick Google search for reviews on the casino. This is where the real reviews can be found. It’s even better if you check a reputable review website. You can also read opinion articles and casino forum reviews from previous users of the website. 

Check the Website Connection

The famous padlock sign in the website URL is an easy proof that a website is secure. The padlock sign shows that the casino website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates which encrypt your data against security breaches

Also, a secure casino website would offer PCI protection on your financial data. You’ll receive a One Time Password (OTP) when creating your account and inputting your financial data. As usual, you should never share your login data with anyone.

Check for Customer Support

The hallmark of a secure casino website is that it has a responsive customer support system. Typically, a casino website would offer a live chat feature which often refers you to a chatbot that has pre-installed questions that might help resolve your case. In cases where the chatbot cannot solve your problem, you also have the option to contact customer service via email. A secure website would respond promptly to your mail.

Before signing up on a casino website, it’s a great idea to test their customer support channels. This way you’ll know if the site is secure and would be reliable whenever an issue springs up.

Check for Game Software Providers

In an era when games and software can easily be programmed with a hacking virus, you need to know if your software provider is legit. Secure casinos don’t just list random games, they list secure games that are sourced from legitimate providers.

Legitimate game or software providers are licensed and they have a track record of providing top-quality games which players can enjoy. 

Final Remark

To get the best experience in online gaming, you need to play on a secure website. While some websites will lure you with fancy ads and play-to-earn games, they’ll end up ripping you of money. And when you file a complaint, they’ll either not respond at all, or they’ll keep deflecting your complaints until you give up. 

To avoid unnecessary frustration, it’s best to first determine if the website is secure and legitimate. If you carefully follow the guidelines in this article, you’ll easily weed out the wrong websites from your list. Playing responsible actually starts from vetting the casino website.


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