Best Practices for Multi-Cloud DevOps: What You Need to Know

The use of many cloud providers is rapidly becoming the cloud approach that is preferred by businesses of all sizes. The 2022 State of the Cloud study conducted by Flexera found that the majority of cloud-based enterprises (89%) use the services of more than one cloud provider. Hosting workloads, data, and other components of your DevOps pipeline across several cloud providers or platforms is an aspect of a DevOps approach that is referred to as multi-cloud. In addition to this, it calls for centralized orchestration so that everything may continue to function as intended. Take a look at Multi-Cloud DevOps: What You Need to Know.

To increase their functionality, dependability, performance, and efficiency, several firms have begun to embrace such an approach. Here are some of the most important insights that will assist you in making the most of the multi-cloud DevOps architecture.

Multi-Cloud DevOps: What You Need to Know

Set Your Efficiency Target

Want to operate public clouds more efficiently? Be more specific. Abstract “efficiency” sounds great, but it seldom works. If “improved efficiency” is a multi-cloud strategy goal,

Efficiency is what computer scientists call a “fuzzy phrase,” similar to short, tall, close, distant, slow, or quick. How efficient you think it is to keep maintaining different public cloud environments depends on what you consider to be efficient.

The efficiency of the cost is not the same as the efficiency of the development, which differs from that of the end-user support, which is determined by the number of people available.

Beware of Price Traps

When businesses put cost optimization across numerous public clouds as their top priority, they almost always run into problems. This may result in adverse effects for the end users as well as the company as a whole.

There are a few instances of the repercussions of an “efficiency” technique that might backfire when the cost is an issue. One of these examples is compromising data latency to go with the choice that has the lowest price.

Develop Multi-Cloud Skills Strategically

Be prepared for your team to go through a learning curve, particularly in the beginning phases of implementing and managing various public cloud services. This learning curve may be particularly challenging for your firm if it has little expertise and ability in public cloud computing.

When working toward multi-cloud maturity, it is strongly recommended to take a very strategic approach to the process of gaining expertise and skills. It won’t happen overnight, that much is certain.

Multi-cloud and public cloud solutions may be used for pilot projects and testing and QA environments. Implementing and reaching maturity in these areas mitigates operational and security risks and allows organizations to create and orchestrate the governance and operational processes needed to achieve the full advantages of a multi-cloud strategy. By enhancing these areas, firms may develop and employ multi-cloud strategies.

Don’t Count on Automatic Redundancy

Multi-cloud strategies provide you with additional flexibility in the case of service outages, security breaches, and other issues. You shouldn’t anticipate redundancy and other advantages simply because your workloads span many public cloud environments. It won’t work. Guarantee that there are redundant continuity, disaster recovery, and security mechanisms to provide a powerful multi-cloud strategy.

Identify the Many Kinds of Public Cloud Services

The phrase “public cloud” may refer to a variety of different types of clouds. To manage a lot of public cloud services well, you need to be able to tell the difference between the different kinds of cloud services, like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, among others.

Instead of utilizing a consistent set of needs for the “public cloud,” or pursuing equally broad objectives, you should prioritize your requirements across all of these different sorts of cloud computing environments. Businesses that utilize several SaaS solutions for CRM, HR platforms, and email need only a single sign-on.

These sorts of prioritizing processes need to additionally assist you in making strategic decisions about the categories themselves. In the field of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), for example, verticals such as retail are beginning to lean toward one platform or another based on the needs specific to their industry.

Two Public Cloud Platforms Can Be Sufficient

Define more specific differences within the broad category of “public cloud” to figure out how many public cloud services your multi-cloud approach will use.  For example, when it comes to infrastructure as a service (IaaS), some firms may find that using only two public cloud platforms is sufficient for meeting the majority of their needs. That is more of a rule of thumb than a real rule about information technology, since it will be different for your company.

Match Cloud Services to Your Requirements

Make well-thought-out, in-depth decisions about which cloud environments are right for your organization when you are in charge of many public clouds and your multi-cloud strategy. Multi-cloud is a management option motivated by an architectural concept. This choice requires clear criteria for when to use a cloud provider.

I hope this article on Multi-Cloud DevOps: What You Need to Know was useful, let me know if you have any other recommendations.


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