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Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam Review

Expect professional clarity for every meeting you attend. It is at par or superior to higher priced webcams on the market today and the Anker Powerconf C200 2K webcam lives up to its name. The 2K resolution has outstanding clarity and sharpness that competes with leading professional webcams. The image is on point and it does not blur out when you are moving. The colours of this webcam are accurately saturated the autofocus is blazingly fast even in low-light scenarios. It does not distort or pixelize under low-light conditions compared to other cameras that struggle in this kind of situation.

Anker PowerConf C200 2K Webcam Review

Make a good impression on your boss and co-workers with the camera’s high-resolution feature. The stunning 2K clarity shows accurate colours and a crisp image. Experience the difference in quality when you choose Anker’s PowerConf C200 2K webcam resolution. Compared to 1080p resolution, 2K offers unmatched sharpness to every meeting. Show your best self every time you present at a meeting, lecture, presentation, and many more.

The camera features a USB-C connector so make sure your device has one of those, or you’ll need to buy a cheap adapter.

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Convenient Privacy Cover

The built-in privacy cover can prevent you from being seen when not in use. A slider on the top of the camera allows you to close a shutter over the lens.

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You can shield yourself from the camera’s view when you forget to turn off your camera. This feature is also a useful habit to get into when you’re not using the camera to protect your privacy in the event of malware or virus on your computer which manages to activate your camera without your knowledge.

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Closing the camera shutter does not disable the in-built microphones, so you must mute in your software if you don’t want to be heard.

Easy and Versatile Field of View

A great feature of this premium webcam is the adjustable field of view. You can decide what to show at your meeting with the PowerConf C200 65, 78, and 95 degrees field of view. This feature is useful when you want to only show your face or include your room in your meetings. It is a helpful tool if there are distractions in your room and you want to cover them. You can use the 65-degree setting if you want to focus the camera on your face, making a flattering appearance for your audience. The 78 and 95 degrees are ideal if you need to fit more people in the webcam’s field of view.

The camera will function as any standard webcam with standard PC drivers. You will need to install the AnkerWork software to take advantage of the field of view settings.

anker powerconf c200 webcam review field of view

Clarity Even in Low-light Situations

The PowerConf C200 has a large aperture size that captures more light providing a high-quality image even in low-light settings. The camera just takes a second to adjust when the light changes. It can also reduce distortions and background noise for clear and consistent audio quality.

Conference Calls & Meetings

The C200 has a flexible angle base that will let it ‘sit’ on the top of your monitor securely.

The base also has the standard 1.4″ screw mount so you can mount it to a stand or tripod. This is my preferred mounting for a meeting, as it lets you mount the camera in front of the software (e.g. Zoom) so your eye-line is more closely matched.

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When a web cam is mounted to the top of your monitor, you’re typically looking at the person on your screen, and your eye line appears constantly like you’re looking down to other attendees. Positioning your camera at the same height as the software reduces this dramatically.

AI Noise Cancellation

The PowerConf C200 has two AI and noise-cancelling microphones that offer unmatched sound quality. It prevents any distortion in your meetings. If you want professional webcam audio, this is one of the best choices. The microphone provides high-quality voice audio and combined with noise-cancelling features, every phrase or sentence spoken is clearly heard.

The built-in AI software picks up your voice in an outstanding way. While you speak, the AI listens and detects any background noise that may be interfering with your speech. We all know how voice quality affects office meetings, lectures, discussions, etc. PowerConf C200 provides you with an all-in-one solution for your professional meetings. With top-notch image quality and crystal-clear audio quality, you can’t go wrong with this affordable but superior web camera.

Anker PowerConf C200 Webcam Review Summary

With more and more work being done remotely, using audio and video meetings, it’s worth spending that little bit more to get a decent quality camera. The Anker PowerConf C200 Webcam is an excellent webcam for both video and audio, and won’t break the bank. Overall it’s excellent value for money.

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