The Value of the Computer Gaming Market

The world market for computer gaming was estimated at about £35 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach £145 billion by 2030. Gaming computers require increased performance, delivered by utilising higher spec graphical and processing capabilities. Many companies started by augmenting their existing computer ranges but later realised the need to develop custom computers with the ability to satisfy the resource hungry demands of increasingly complex and realistic game environments.

The Value of the Computer Gaming Market

Dell for example, achieved a measure of success utilising their Inspiron series as a basis for an Inspiron Gaming range of PCs. In 2018 they launched the Dell G series of gaming computers. The series was aimed at casual gamers seeking great value for money products who did not necessarily need the ultra-high performance of a dedicated gaming machine.

In 2006 Dell took over the innovative Alienware series of laptops whose primary focus had been on creating the best gaming environment available on the market with a dedicated following of serious gamers to vouch for them.

Founded in 1996 by two friends with a love of the cult sci-fi series the X-Files, Alienware’s offerings reflected their interest in all things alien and unexplained which is often seen in their choice of names such as Area 51 and the Alienware Aurora.

Their computers and accessories, including custom built keyboards, monitors and mice are still as popular with gamers as ever. And the X-Files themselves are currently enjoying a rekindling of interest among a new generation of sci-fi aficionados.

Why would Dell buy another range of gaming computers. Simply put, to enable them to increase their market reach and establish a broader base for their gaming interests. Whereas the Dell G Series laptops were mid-price ranged machines aimed at creating a general all-rounder gaming environment for the casual player, the Alienware series were from the outset aimed at dedicated game players with more sophisticated expectations to give them the best game playing environment available. Indeed, Alienware set the gold standard for manufacturers across the world and are well known as market leaders in the gaming field.

Not content to sit on their laurels, they have continued to build upon this impressive reputation by continual upgrading and improving their products. This has helped them maintain their strong hold over the high-end gaming sector finding favour with professional gamers and developers or who need the extra processing power for their graphic intensive game play.

The G Series has allowed Dell to offer good value for money laptops, with competitive features, back lit keyboards and improved cooling technology has allowed Dell to attract customers from all segments of the market, especially those who don’t want a laptop exclusively for playing game.

Dell has faced competition from the likes of Acer and HP. Acer started in a similar way to Dell by basing their gaming laptops on the Aspire series, but soon developed dedicated machines with the specific aim of eating into Alienware’s market share. They did this with the premium performance Acer Predator range.

Acer took a lot of care and thought with the design and feel of the Predator laptops and accessories, attacking the high-performance full-on gaming experience offered by Alienware but with a much more palatable price tag. To compete with in the budget battle ground Acer developed the Acer Nitro rage. Lower spec machines aimed at a cost-conscious consumer with other priorities than optimum performance no matter what the price.
Alan Gilmour from EuroPC, a well-respected supplier of gaming laptops stated that a lot of the decision about buying a gaming machine comes down to price. Europc.co.uk stock a variety of gaming laptops, gaming pcs and gaming monitors across all the brands in this article emphasising the value of the computer gaming market.


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