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Tips to Remove Multiple Photos on iPhone

Are you a keen photographer and find yourself taking hundreds of photos, filling up your memory on your iPhone? Yes? You are not alone! An iPhone camera is amazing and can capture some incredible photos when out and about – the only issue, you’ll most likely take many duplicates as well as a whole plethora of images. It’s so easy after all, you can quickly pull your phone out and at a click of a button capture all the most important parts of your trip but lets look at how to remove multiple photos on iPhone.

If you are in a situation where you have captured too many photos, you may find your storage getting close to full or completely full. Don’t stress when this happens, with a few clicks of a button you can quickly remove multiple photos, clearing up space. Before doing so we would recommend creating a cloud backup, this way if anything is deleted by mistake, you can quickly undo what you have had. When deleting photos, they are also stored in your deleted items folder for a certain amount of time, in case you realize after a few days that you didn’t mean to delete a certain photo (or two). 

Below we have put together our guide on how to delete multiple pictures on an iPhone. 

Delete more than one picture on an iPhone at once

Follow these simple steps to delete as many photos as you would like within a few steps. 

  • Locate your photos app on your iPhone
  • Click on the library tab and then select all photos.
  • Press select to enable a multiple select
  • Browse through your photos and select as many photos as you would like to delete. You can slide your finger if you prefer to select more than one photo. 
  • Once the photos are selected, a bin icon will appear. 
  • Tap the bin icon and then the confirm button to confirm you are happy to delete the items. 

Delete duplicate photos on an iPhone

You’ll be surprised at how many duplicate photos you take when using your camera. It’s too easy to keep your finger on the capture button, duplicating your photos. Deleting duplicate photos on an iPhone is a very simple way to free up space. You can do so by following these steps. 

  • Locate your photos app on your device 
  • Select albums on the bottom menu 
  • Scroll down to the utilities header and locate duplicates 
  • Press the merge button at the top right to merge the duplicates together. 
  • When merging your photos together your iPhone knows to keep the highest quality in case there are multiple versions of the image. 

Recover deleted photos on your iPhone

We’ve all been there and accidentally deleted the wrong images. Luckily, on an iPhone, you can easily restore them and have them back in your photo album in no time. Simply follow the following steps to recover deleted photos on your iPhone

  • Locate your photos app on your device
  • Select albums on the bottom menu 
  • Scroll down to the utilities header and locate recently deleted 
  • Browse your deleted images and select the phone you didn’t mean to delete and press recover.


I hope these tips on how to remove multiple photos on iPhone are useful, and you can reclaim back that precious iPhone storage space by removing unwanted pictures!


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