How to Distinguish a Supercar from a Hypercar?

Today, in the world there are a huge number of fancy cars that many can only dream of. It is clear to everyone that when we talk about Toyota Prius and Ferrari, we are talking about completely different categories of vehicles.

We see a lot of articles, statements, as well as the words of experts about the so-called supercars and hypercars. Compared to ordinary everyday cars, we are well aware of how sports cars differ from them. It’s all about top-notch performance. However, talking about top cars, it becomes difficult to distinguish between a supercar and a hypercar.

Not everyone can afford such cars. However, sitting behind the wheel and feeling the power of first-class iron horses is now much easier than before. Now you can hire supercar Dubai and feel the power of hundreds of horsepower under the hood. In addition, you can rent a premium car at an attractive price. Car rentals offer a wide range of supercars for rent and guarantee an unforgettable driving experience.

If you want to draw a line between how to distinguish a supercar or a hypercar, we will tell you what you need to look for to better navigate the automotive world.



When talking about supercars, we are talking about iron horses that have incredible power, complete racing laps in record time, and also cost a lot of money. Today, such vehicles have first-class performance and exotic designs.

The first time this term was mentioned was in the 20th year of the last century. If you look at what cars were called supercars then and what vehicles we call supercars today, you can see a huge difference. Vehicles used to be nowhere near the performance numbers that supercars have today.

When evaluating a vehicle, we focus on the following indicators:

  • Power;
  • Advanced technologies;
  • Design;

The main difference is the performance of the vehicle. To classify a vehicle as a supercar, it must have high performance.

Whether a vehicle costs around a hundred thousand dollars or a couple of million dollars, as long as it is high performing and has excellent lap times, we can call it a supercar. In this regard, to call a car a supercar, it does not matter its cost, design, or advanced technologies.

For example, Ariel Atom V8. This car is not very expensive, has standard technology, and its design is not a work of art. However, it is considered a supercar due to its outstanding performance on the racetracks.



Only a small part of supercars can be attributed to this category. To qualify a vehicle as a hypercar, it must meet all of the above criteria. We’re talking about performance, cost, design, and advanced technology.

Not every Ferrari can be called a hypercar, even though many models are outstanding. However, if you compare the Ferrari 458 with the Bugatti Chiron, which has a huge amount of horsepower, it will leave you with no doubts.

Each of the hypercars is a work of art. They can only compete with each other. The following vehicles we can call hypercars:

  • McLaren P1;
  • Ferrari La Ferrari;
  • Porsche 918.

New generations of cars

This is not to say that the way we define supercars and hypercars today will also be the same in a few years. Technology does not stand still. Each time, automotive engineers try to jump above their heads, creating more and more ambitious car models.

There are many more discoveries ahead of us. Engineering developments are getting more and more advanced. Thus, what models we call hypercars today cannot be compared with what we can see in 10-15 years. Criteria for defining hypercars and supercars will change in line with automotive developments.

Those technologies that we only saw in hypercars are now appearing in supercars. Thus, to live up to the status of a hypercar, automotive engineers will have to create outstanding designs that will be incomparable to anything that has existed before.


Now it will be much easier for you to distinguish a supercar or a hypercar. Despite the cost of the vehicle, its design, and technology, if it is high-performance, then it will be considered a supercar. At the same time, hypercars must meet the highest standards in every way. We’re talking about high performance, great value, exotic design, and advanced technology.


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