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Is VR Being Used In Restaurants?

Among the most publicised topics currently, VR is at the forefront. Virtual Reality is a field where a lot of big players put their chips on, to the extent of ambitioning a virtual universe, dubbed “Metaverse”, where real life and virtual reality would be seamlessly integrated.

Many products and services have pre-empted VR tech. For example, when people sign up to a 32red email address, they do so knowing they have access to innovative casino games. Operators are often keen to embrace new technology to develop exclusive offerings. Part of this has been live casino, which sees croupiers recorded live and streamed to players’ screens, able to interact with those players like they would in a land-based casino. You can see how this leads to VR.

The concept is intriguing and has a lot of supporters and detractors. Even though we’re still far from it becoming a reality in everyday life, there are lots of people experimenting with VR in interesting ways. This is the case with the restaurant and catering industries.

Enhance Your Restaurant Experience With VR

When you have a menu on your hands, sometimes doubts arise. What exactly does your chosen dish look like? Do they serve the right amount of salad? What about the size of the steak?

Using VR goggles, the restaurant can offer a preview of what each dish looks like in 3D. And that’s not all. They can go a step further and allow customers to modify their selection, adding or reducing ingredients. This would make the process much more fun and engaging.

Sometimes there’s a lot of waiting when you order, and that’s where VR can help, too. The restaurant can offer access to games, for instance, virtual versions of games from an online casino, or activities related to the restaurant like a virtual tour of the kitchen.

AR (Augmented Reality) is another, lighter version of VR, where you use a device to offer information or enhance features from everyday life. For instance, you can use AR glasses and just by looking at the menu, a picture of the dish shows up. You can look towards the kitchen and the waiting time is shown.

As you can see, possibilities are limitless, and many restaurants are experimenting with one or more of these features.

No Room For A Restaurant? Create A Virtual One!

Another intriguing possibility for VR restaurants is simply ditching the physical place where people sit and eat, and just have a kitchen. The rest can be a purely VR experience.

Such a thing already exists to some extent, and it’s even called Virtual Restaurant. This concept means that there’s a kitchen where food is prepared, but no physical place to eat. The Virtual Restaurant works with a delivery model.

This is used, for instance, when an Italian Restaurant also works with Chinese Food under a different name. However, the concept can be further refined, and offer a true Virtual Restaurant.

In such a restaurant, you would put on your VR goggles, connect to the restaurant and visit it just as in real life, however, you never leave your dining room. You take a seat, enjoy the decoration, and get serviced. Eventually, you’ll need to answer the door when your order comes in but still, it makes for a unique experience.

Using VR As A Preview

VR Being Used In Restaurants-pexels-life-of-pix-67468

People love discovering new places, but sometimes disappointment is big as soon as they arrive. The decoration is off, the food doesn’t look so good, etc.

Some restaurants are using VR to give a preview of the premises. You can check every detail of it, and even speak with the chef (or a virtual version of them) to know more about the kind of food being prepared, etc.

The important thing for the restaurant that uses this strategy is to gain awareness and be ahead of the competition. This is an excellent advertisement tactic since you can’t offer a better way to demonstrate what you promote about your business.

All in all, VR is an intriguing proposal that will create new ways for restaurants to connect with clients. However, the technology still needs to mature to have more comfortable devices and a safe experience.


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