Digital Health Revolution: The Role of Technology in Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Digital Health is a general term that defines the intersection between technology and healthcare. In the past couple of years, we have seen an increase in the use of applications and software in healthcare. Mobile health apps, digital data storage and retrieval, and wearable devices have grown in popularity. Digitization in the healthcare sector is essential, and has numerous benefits when it comes to eating healthily.

Role of Technology in Eating Habits

Personalised Nutrition

With artificial intelligence, algorithms can analyse data and recommend eating plans, recipes and meals based on your nutritional requirements and goals. Mobile apps and wearables make tracking your progress throughout the day easy. Simple things like water reminders help create a healthy drinking habit. 


Technology has made information more accessible, which is also true for nutrition and healthy eating. We are more aware of our body’s nutritional needs and what is in our food all the way down to articles that compare the nutritional value of cashew nuts versus almond nuts. This information at our fingertips enables us to make more informed and empowering food decisions. This has also forced food manufacturers to be more transparent about the ingredients they use. Something that makes it easier if you are vegan, have special dietary requirements, or realy want to know exactly what’s in your food. 

Tracking and Monitoring

Annual checkups last 20 minutes to an hour, and doctors can’t get enough information. Wearables and other tracking devices give doctors access to valuable information before checkups, which makes for a more effective and efficient checkup.

Healthcare providers can use the same machine learning technology to monitor the dietary progress of out-patients in real time. Dietitians can use this data to adjust their patients’ nutritional requirements and make suggestions continuously. AI integration in healthcare allows providers to be more proactive when providing treatments and diagnoses.

Smart Devices

Smart kitchen appliances like Samsung smart appliances can integrate with your Samsung health app and help you make healthier meals. The data integration makes for easier meal preparation, more nutritional cooking methods and better grocery shopping. While smart scales help you monitor your health goals, these scales are comprehensive and just focus on weight. 

Social Media

59.9% of the global population uses social media. It’s no surprise that most companies have a social media footprint. Nutrition is no different, and you can get a lot of information on social media, from influencers to chefs and qualified nutritionists. Navigating social media can be tricky because there are a lot of fads that are unhealthy, and people even lie about how and what they eat. For young people, social media can be negative and create unrealistic expectations instead of fostering a healthy relationship with food. 


Technology has revolutionised our lives and ways of doing things, and the advancement of artificial intelligence systems is an exciting time for all of us . It will be interesting to see what innovations the next few years will bring.

For the most part, healthcare technology has positively impacted our lives. There is a fine line between tracking your eating habits and developing an unhealthy preoccupation with food. You need to be careful not to let the role of technology in eating habits rule your life. 


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