What's Your Unread Email Number

What’s Your Unread Email Number?

New research has revealed the average Brit’s computer is littered with 601 unread emails and 262 unused apps or documents – meaning a staggering 42% of us have a machine that doesn’t run quickly. If you have more than 3,000 unread emails, you’re in the top 2% of the population!

The survey showed that UK adults have an average of 601 unread emails and 262 apps or documents they don’t need – meaning that 42% of computer owners have a machine that doesn’t run quickly.

Top 10 Reasons why people have a lot of unread emails

There are several reasons why people often have a large number of unread emails. These include:

  1. Volume of Emails: Many people receive a high volume of emails daily, including personal, work-related, and promotional messages. Managing such a large influx can be overwhelming.
  2. Irrelevant Content: A significant portion of received emails may be irrelevant, such as spam, newsletters, or promotional offers, which people often ignore or leave unread.
  3. Time Management: People may lack the time or inclination to read all their emails immediately. They might prioritize more urgent tasks, leaving less important emails unread.
  4. Email Overload: Continuous notifications and the constant stream of emails can lead to email fatigue, causing people to avoid checking their inboxes regularly.
  5. Poor Organization: Without effective email management strategies, such as filtering, categorizing, or using folders, emails can accumulate quickly, making it difficult to stay on top of new messages.
  6. Perceived Unimportance: Some emails might be perceived as unimportant or non-urgent, leading people to leave them unread indefinitely.
  7. Multiple Accounts: Managing multiple email accounts (work, personal, subscriptions) can contribute to a higher number of unread emails, as users might not check each account frequently.
  8. Digital Hoarding: Some people are reluctant to delete emails, fearing they might need the information later. This can result in a cluttered inbox with many unread messages.
  9. Procrastination: The tendency to procrastinate can lead to emails being left unread, especially if they require a thoughtful or time-consuming response.
  10. Searchability: Modern email systems allow users to search for specific emails when needed, reducing the necessity to read and organize every email as it arrives.

Understanding these reasons can help you develop better email management habits and tools to keep your inbox more organized and manageable. Tame your unread email number!

The research also revealed that those using Macs believe their computers are more efficient and powerful than other kinds of devices. In fact:

  • 91% said their Mac is better than rival computers, and 75% believe their Macs are impervious to viruses and don’t need to be cleaned as often, unlike other kinds of computer
  • 57% believe it would take less than an hour to do a manual clean of the device to get it in tip-top condition. In fact, by the time you’ve been using your computer for a year, this could take multiple days.

Data by by CleanMyMac X

Image credit: https://twitter.com/ShaanVP/status/1418760872009236484


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