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Circular Ring Slim Wearable – Updates [June 2024]

Circular has updated its Ring Slim, the smart wearable that brings health and fitness tracking to your finger. Building on the robust features of its predecessor, the new Ring Slim integrates advanced technology, new features, and an upgraded Kira+ app to offer real-time sports performance tracking.

I love activity trackers, particularly those that fit into your lifestyle seamlessly and bring you a new level of data and analysis into the health of your body and mind.

I love my Apple Watch, its great for reducing my iPhone usage, providing alerts and tracking my activities. But it has its drawbacks. It’s comparatively bulky, I dislike wearing it at night. It needs charging every day, so has to come off for that. It’s fragile so I don’t wear it when I’m doing certain tasks that might damage it.

I’ve been looking for something else. Something that’s small, discreet, lasts longer per charge, wearable, and tracks my activities day and night. And crucially integrates with Apple Health (or Google Fit) to combine data.

So I’m really looking forward to testing out this latest version of the Circular Ring Slim.

Circular Ring Slim Updates

The latest Ring Slim includes an advanced ‘heart rate during sport’ algorithm, which delivers precise heart rate monitoring during various sports activities. This data is seamlessly integrated into the new Sport Session Circle on the updated Kira+ app.   This new feature allows users to track their GPS route and analyse detailed performance metrics from their sporting activities, offering a comprehensive overview of their physical exertion and progress. 

Along with sports tracking, the Ring Slim now offers a holistic view of health and wellness data through the Advanced Analysis Circle. This tool allows users to compare all their health and wellness data in a single, intuitive graph, making it easier than ever to understand and optimize personal health. This powerful tool will help them identify trends, monitor improvements, and make informed decisions about their health journey. 

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In addition to the new features, Circular has revealed that its latest smart ring has had a major change to its sleep algorithm. Offering users the ability to monitor heart rate, breathing rate, Sp02, temperature, and motion sensors during sleep, the new algorithm delivers a 79% accuracy against Polysomnography tests – the recognized and proven tests that are used to diagnose sleep disorders by recording brain waves, blood oxygen, and heart rate during sleep.  

It features a vibrating alarms, including smart alarms for optimal wakeup time. It has a 6 day battery and is fully waterproof – so I’m looking forward to finally having something I can wear continually and doesn’t make me worry about accidentally knocking it while I’m working or playing sports.

Amaury Kosman, Co-Founder of Circular said:

The new Ring Slim, combined with the Kira+ app, offers a more dynamic and comprehensive approach to health and fitness tracking.

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